The Next Big Thing For The WordPress Designers

Do you customize the design of your WordPress-powered website? Or better, do you design your WordPress theme from ground up? Are you proud of the design of your sites? Lastly, do you think you deserve an award for your design talent and effort? You’ve got it. The next big thing for you, the award-winning WordPress designers, is coming soon on February 22nd, 2009 (yes, we purposely made it in-conjunction with another famous award).

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What our customers said about us recently…

When our customers told us how much they liked our service, it REALLY made our day. Quoted from In the banner (below) you can see their tag line, “Made for WordPress” and indeed they are. They know inside out about the WordPress, a blogging tool and publishing platform. You can ask them anything about WordPress and they will be happy to answer your questions. In fact, I even made them to backup my website database and upgrade my WordPress platform by sending an email. That is how reliable they are. Quoted from...

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How To Move Your WordPress Site To WP WebHost

There are 2 ways to move your WordPress-powered Website to your new hosting account in WP WebHost. Let us show you how. The first is the easiest. Just shoot our support team an email along with your old hosting account’s control panel login information and we’ll do the rest. The second way, especially if you are concerned about providing your control panel login information, is to do it yourself. In this post, we will lay down 10 easy steps to completely move your site to WP WebHost without any error, or downtime. Software...

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WP Freedom Plan New Pricing

Today, the WP WebHost team would like to introduce a new pricing changes to our WP Freedom Plan: Monthly Fee: $8/month Annual Fee: $6.67/month ($80/year) Bi-annual Fee: $5/month ($120/2 years) Yes, hosting with WP WebHost has gotten more affordable (as low as $5 per month!). And, we would like to thank all of our customers that are hosting with us right now. We will adjust your accounts to the new pricing in the coming weeks.

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WP Hero Affiliate Programme

Feel like doing something heroic today? Introduce your family, friends, readers to the one and only WordPress Web Hosting company in the world. Liberate them from the tyrant of other hosting companies that don’t care about their WordPress-powered sites. Be a WP Hero.   What is WP Hero? WP Hero is the name of WP WebHost affiliate program. It is our way of recognize our affiliates as a hero, for helping the others to host with the true WordPress hosting company that cares for them.   How does it work? We pay $35 per...

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