The story of WPWebHost

Back in 2007, we were web developers – creating and managing our own content-driven websites. Mostly blog, and we are already the WordPress fans we are today. Back then, we are using WordPress version 1.2-2.1 as it was quite early version of WordPress developed by Matt Mullenweg and his friends. We still remember the dark blue admin interface, but its features are already robust and powerful. Comparing to other competitors (it was Mambo, PHPNuke), WordPress was in the class of its own. We love WordPress. But unfortunately, our web hosts don’t. There are many server configurations of web hosts that work against WordPress. We hated that. Then, we start thinking among ourselves – why don’t we start our own?

The Birth of WPWebHost

Our first take on the hosting business was a direct one and rather unplanned. We setup a 1-page website, 1 hosting plan, setup a billing system, and launched. And within 3 months, we got our first customer.  From there, we knew we are on the right track and we are having a good future ahead. However, we are still hunger to serve more WordPress customers, and looking for ways to get funding or expands.

Here are some our website layout development. We did not managed to get our single page layout unfortunately but here are the layout starting from our 2nd version

Our 2nd version of layout

Improved 3rd version of layout

4th version of layout

Total revamped of 5th and current version of layout

Web Hosting with WordPress Support

The biggest distinctive difference between WPWebHost and other WordPress compatible web hosts are –we provide WordPress-related support (and do it very well). Our team has average 4-5 years of experience using, customizing and hacking WordPress. We’ve built many sites using WordPress, tried literally hundreds of plugins and customized thousands of themes. Any WordPress problems (albeit a technical one) are within our reach.

Today, WPWebHost alone itself  is serving more than 10000 clients and more than 30000 domains worldwide in a top notch datacenter with our WordPress-savvy technical support. Connect to us via our Twitter and Facebook page and be part of our growing community where WPWebHost as your community hosting provider.

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