1. Does WPWebHost only host WordPress-powered websites?

  • We can host any other type of scripts, which includes popular scripts like Joomla, Drupal, as long as they run in a PHP/MySQL environment. However, our server settings, hosting environment, and support are specially catered for WordPress users.


2. I would like to recommend WPWebHost on my blog and hopefully earn money for whoever I referred that signed up. How can i do that?


3. WPWebHost seemed new and too good to be true. Are you sure are not one of those ‘overnight hosting companies’?

  • We share your concern and have witness many boom and bust hosting companies ourselves. We can assure you – we are not. WPWebHost started in 2007 and backed by a reputable international hosting company – Exabytes Network. They are an award-winning hosting company, having been in the industry for more than 7 years with more than 20,000 satisfied customer.


4. Is WPWebHost in affiliate with WordPress?

  • No. Despite the fact that we love WordPress so much, we are not in affiliate with WordPress or its company.


5. I’m already hosting with someone else. How can I switch to you guys?


6. What’s the difference between WPWebHost and other hosting companies that provide WordPress Hosting?

  • For one, our server configuration and hosting environment are completely catered for WordPress for maximum compatibility and performance. But more importantly, we provide WordPress support. Which means, if you have any difficulties or problem working on your WordPress-powered website, you know who to contact :).


7. Is PayPal the only payment option? Can I pay by credit card?

  • We currently accept Paypal as the default form of payment. You can also pay by credit card directly using the PayPal credit card processing.


8. If I’m not happy with WPWebHost, can I get my money back?

  • There are no reason that you can’t. That’s why we offer a 30 days full money back guarantee. No question asked. *

  • * 30 Days Money Back Guarantee is only applicable to Freedom Plan and is not applicable to domain name, VPS, dedicated server or other services unless otherwise specified separately.

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