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Top Level Domain Name

New Registration / Transfer / Renewal1 Year2 Years3 Years 4 Years 5 Years
.COM$15.95 /yr$14.35 /yr$13.95 /yr$13.75 /yr$13.45 /yr
.NET$19.95 /yr$17.95 /yr$17.55 /yr$17.15 /yr$16.75 /yr
.ORG$16.95 /yr$15.25 /yr$14.95 /yr$14.55 /yr$14.25 /yr
.BIZ$22.95 /yr$20.65 /yr$20.25 /yr$19.75 /yr$19.25 /yr
.INFO$22.95 /yr$20.65 /yr$20.25 /yr$19.75 /yr$19.25 /yr

Country Level Domain Name

New Registration / Transfer1 Year2 Years
.IN (India)$15.99 /yr$14.99 /yr
.CO.IN (India)$14.99 /yr$13.99 /yr
.US (United States)$10.99 /yr
$9.99 /yr
.CA (Canada)$18.99 /yr$17.99 /yr
.CO.UK (United Kingdom)$10.99 /yr$9.99 /yr
COM.AU (Australia)n/a$40 /2yrs (min 2 years)
NET.AU (Australia)n/a$40 /2yrs (min 2 years)

You have full control over your domain name registered with us. WPWebHost also provide you with a web based domain control panel for you to manage your domain name in real time.


Domain Transfer

Domain Name Transfer/Migration


  • We do not charge any additional fee for the transfer process.
  • When you transfer your domain to WPWebHost.com, all remaining time on your domain with your current registrar will be transferred plus we extend the domain period you choose to transfer over. For example, if your domain expires in 2014, it will be extended until 2015 when you transfer to us for 1 year.
  • Control over domain with DNS management panel.

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Whois Domain Protect

Whois Domain Protect


  • Without ID Protect, spammers could obtain your email, fax and postal address easily through your domain Whois info.
  • You can now protect your privacy from spammers by masking your domain contact information.

Find Our More About Domain Whois Protection


  • The promotion is for one time discount only.
  • Domain registration fee is strictly non refundable if the domain name has been successfully registered.
  • Registration of domains is on first comes first served basis. Submitting your order to WPWebHost does not mean your requested domain(s) will be registered until payment confirmation is received.
  • The promotion is for new domain registrations and transfer only. Upon renewal, prices will revert to normal price.
  • Submission of your order to WPWebHost doesn’t mean that your domain name can be registered successfully. In the event that the registration is not successful, WPWebHost will refund the amount to you accordingly.
  • .PRO registration is temporary not available until further notice, due to technical issue at the domain registrar.
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