We had the coolest WordPress blogs. We just had the impressive OSCAR winners (cheers SLUMDOG!). And now, it’s time for a quest to look for (and awarding) the best looking WordPress websites. Are you in?

Introducing the Best WordPress Design Award


The WordPress Design Award is divided into 5 separate categories:






How to participate?

Your website must be WordPress powered with an original design or a completely original modification of a free or premium theme design. And here’s how to join:

  1. Write a blog post (or announcement) about joining the Best WordPress Design Award (and mention which category you are joining) in your website.
  2. Submit your URL in the comment form here. (trackback works too)

  3. Done! (are you expecting more?)

Deadline is on 22nd March 2009.

Picking the winners

Like our previous competition, the WPWebHost team will select a top 10 websites of each category and the public (YOU!) shall vote for the winners.


The winners will get a badge (think of it like a trophy) which link back to the page stating the winners. And like all the awards, it’s all about glory and not so much about the money. That being said, we are giving away $200 COLD HARD CASH (via PayPal) to the winner of each category. If you are already not hosted with WPWebHost (a lot of WordPress blogs already are), we’d love to throw in a life-time hosting sponsorship offer too (we will waive your future bills if you are a customer).

Are You Up For It?

You really have nothing to lose. Go for glory. Join (and grab) the Best WordPress Design Award.


Best WordPress Design Award now officially closed for submissions.


We are a group of blog reviewers and the management team from WPWebHost.


  1. Question – I am using free WP theme, but heavily customized it. Can I participate with it? Original design obviously isn’t mine, however current way my blog looks is.

    For the scope of changes, here is original theme:

    PS I know I have about as much chances as snowball in hell, but still :) Catogories probably raise it to those of largish snowball…

  2. great cool guys …
    I want to participate this award

    and have experiance more about this

    gratefully .. many thank you

  3. This sounds pretty cool.

    I entered your last competition and was one of the finalists, that was pretty cool. I think I have a better chance with this one here though. I’ll be making my post with a trackback here probably Tuesday or Wednesday.

  4. Ralph, Kabar: great! Looking forward to see you guys joining.

    Rarst: Yes. You can join as well. (p/s: we are also using a “heavily-customized” free themes)

  5. im joining, count me in !!

  6. Can I join this award with non-English blog post?

  7. Sure Fanari!

  8. Hello WPWebHost team…

    I think my blog (www.dhinata.com) join Best Modern & Elegant category

    Thanks :D

  9. Okay, I have a post up here, entering under “Clean and Minimalist”: http://www.webmaster-source.com/2009/02/24/best-wordpress-design-award/

  10. Thanks for the e-mail. :)
    Yes, this is cool. I want to join but my current WP layout is too simple. If I’ll use it as my entry, it’ll prolly go with the clean and minimalist.

  11. I’m in! Joining under “Best Modern and Elegant” category. :D

  12. I’m joining in under “Clean&Minimalist” category :)

  13. I’m joining under Best Modern & Elegant category. Thanks :)

  14. I’ve also participated in the contest and have written about it over here – http://blogdesignstudio.com/blog-marketing/best-wordpress-design-award/

  15. Hey – can you submit more than one blog? If so – here’s my second one – http://designerblog.pl/ (that’s “Best Hand-drawing style” category).

  16. Robert: oh yes you can! :)

  17. We are lacking of entries for Best Grudge Design :D

  18. I have one more.

    http://www.mygodgivenmissionfield.com Modern and elegant

  19. I entered, but I don’t see my comments on here. Here is the direct link to my post about the contest.


  20. My Newton Blog is a very special blog. It is not like most blogs you see on the internet. Short notes, no comments, cramped presentation in the shape of an Apple Newton MessagePad. I doubt My Newton Blog would win many design awards, it is not an original design. I doubt My Newton Blog would win many usability awards, its operation is modeled after the constricting limitations of a physical device. I doubt my Newton Blog would win many blogging awards, the content posted here is short and limited. Despite my doubts I have entered My Newton Blog in the Best WordPress Design Award contest under the category of Best Vintage and Retro blog. Wish me luck!

  21. i want to participate, has225.wordpress.com or http://www.has-225.co.cc as clean and minimalist blog, i hope you open my bloge in chrome, thanks..

  22. Hello WPWebHost team…

    Here is my post http://dhinata.com/best-wordpress-design-award-dari-wpwebhost.html

    I’m Joining in under “Best Modern and Elegant” category.

    Thanks :)

  23. This is a very great news! I am so excited to be one of the participants!

    Please wait for my Entry =)

  24. Hi there,

    I’m taking part.

    URL: http://www.serradinho.com/Blog/2009/02/26/best-wordpress-design-award.htm

    I’m Joining in under “Best Modern and Elegant” category.

    Good luck to all.

  25. langsung mencari inspirasi…

  26. I’m in! Joining under “Best Modern and Elegant” category. I hope I can win, hehe… Here is my blog:

  27. My announcement post, entering under Clean&Minimalist

    Thanks for the opportunity and I am looking forward to be total underdog again. :)

  28. Taking part in the Best Retro and Vintage Category ;)

    Good luck everyone!

  29. I decided to join the Best Modern & Elegant category. Looks like there are lots of competitors in this category :)

    The post: http://www.michaelaulia.com/blogs/best-wordpress-design-award.html

  30. I join my three blogs:

    Best Clean & Minimalist category:




    Best Hand-Drawing Style category:


  31. Oh, is it okay if I used my other blog on posting an announcement… instead of posting it in my blog that I’m gonna enter for WP design awards??

  32. Hi! I want to join in the Best Retro and Vintage Category.
    Good luck and thank you!

  33. I’m entering under the “Clean & Minimalist” category!

    May the best blog win!

  34. Sheryl: It’s alright. We are fine with that. Just be clear which blog is entering which category.

  35. I posted my entry but it’s not showing up in here

  36. Count me in! I’m entering the “Best Clean & Minimalist” category.


  37. I ma joining to “Modern and Elegant”:

    Thanks :)

  38. I’m entering my site under the “Clean & Minimalist” category.


    Good luck to everybody who participates =D

  39. Hi and thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest. I’d like to enter my two websites for category ‘Best Modern and Elegant’. They’re both built on the same theme foundation, the only difference is the header and other subtle changes :)

    iPhoneclub (Dutch)
    Planet Android (Dutch)

    (total unique design and heavily customized with WordPress functions and neat jQuery tricks)

    We’ll make a formal blog posting about our entry later this week, but we’re waiting for some other website related news to announce so we can scoop it all in one big blogpost :)

    Again, thanks for organizing this contest and may the best blog win!

  40. I’ll join this.. my blog is not up yet. My target is next week. Will be on the grudge category.. ^_^

  41. i’m in. And let me in. I am joining Best Clean and & Minimalist Category.
    and here is my post..
    thanx for this awesome competition. Its a very very cool contest…

  42. I am using “heavily-customized” free themes and trying to join
    under “BEST GRUNGE” category. I hope i can participate with it.

    Here is the announcement

    Thanks and good luck to all.

  43. I absolutely love my blog design and the person who designed is absolutely brilliant!! So, it doesn’t feel like tooting my own horn, since it’s really their work I am celebrating! Link to the awards post is: http://theajnabee.com/?p=849. Thanks!!

  44. As mentioned in my blog entry, I would like to enroll Rin-Wendy.com in the Best Modern and Elegant category.

    Here’s the link to my entry about this contest: http://rin-wendy.com/first-lessons-best-wordpress-design-award

    May the best blog wins! :D

  45. Woah! Another contest with cool prizes! Awesome!

    I am joining under Clean & Minimalist!

    Here’s the link: http://simonong.net/archives/best-wordpress-design-award-best-clean-minimalist-category/

  46. I want to enter into the Best WordPress Design Award for Best Clean & Minimalist Design.

    I have published a post about my intent here.


  47. thanks for the email, just entered under Best Modern & Elegant :D


  48. I’m joining as well under the Clean and Minimalist category.
    My entry is at http://akinodorama.org/2009/03/08/wordpress-design-award/

  49. Very interesting contest.. Do people get to vote, or only a judging panel?

  50. This the first time I participate in something like this but I’m hoping to get some incite into some interesting designs! Personally I like mine! :) Keep up the good work!



  51. Rebellious Arab Girl: Judging panel selects top 10 and the public decides the winner. ;)

  52. Hi, WPWrbHost Team!
    This is my first contest and i hope can be in top 10.
    I’m joining as well under the Modern and Elegant category.

  53. I’ll throw some of my recent work out there for this contest, entering the “Clean & Minimalist” category…


  54. This one looks fun. :) I wanna try too! Hehehe. A clean and minimal design theme would be my theme. The article will be posted soon enough.

    Good luck guys!

  55. Done. The post linked back to here http://abdusfauzi.com/best-wordpress-design-award/

    Category: Best Clean & Minimal

  56. Hi everybody,

    I love working with WordPress CMS so couldn’t resist to join this competition.

    I’d like to join Best Modern & Elegant category.

    My blog post announcing the competition can be found at http://www.bouk.info/wordpress/best-wordpress-design-award/

  57. @admin:
    when the judging panel selects the top 10?

  58. thegands: 1 week after the deadline. Which is around end of March.

  59. Thanks for the e-mail :) Already knew about it, but I didn’t think non-English blogs could also participate.

    Anyway, just added the post: http://www.wpontwerpers.nl/blog/wpo-doet-mee-aan-best-wordpress-design-award/720.html
    Oh, the category is: Best Modern & Elegant :)


  60. I have posted an entry on my site about these awards.
    My entry for the Best WordPress Design Award


  61. Oh, category I chose is Modern and Elegant.

  62. Not really sure where I fit in…

  63. I appreciate the consideration, and posted the contest at http://www.armeda.com. Good luck to all the entrants.

  64. Joining the competition, can see my post @ http://svensworld.de/i-join-zeh-best-wordpress-design-award.html

  65. I’m joining the Clean & Minimalist category.

    My post is here http://nathan-sanders.com/best-wordpress-design-award/

  66. I submitted a comment with the url the other day, but it hasn’t shown up! I also sent a trackback, but it isn’t showing up either…let’s try this again!


  67. Happy to join the contest in the category: Best Modern & Elegant.

    My post: http://www.harisvision.com/blog/best-wordpress-design-award/

  68. I would like to enter mine into the “Best Hand-drawn” Category :)

    My Post: http://blog.windy-goddess.net/?p=1187

  69. http://www.dackworld.de/2009/03/11/best-wordpress-design-award/


    Category: Best Clean & Minimal

  70. Would love to participate under the Modern and Elegant category.


  71. I would like to enter mine into the “Best Modern and Elegant” Category

    My Post: http://www.blogperfume.com/info-the-wordpress-design-award/

  72. Just did a post for WordPress-Designers.com

  73. Thanks for thinking of Qwert City, which will enter under the “Best Hand-Drawing Style.” See the blog post: http://www.qwertcity.com/musings/ Good luck, everyone!

  74. I’d like to enter both my personal and business sites. I’m entering my personal site in the Clean and Minimalist category: http://nickohrn.com/design-contest-im-entering/

    I’d like to enter my business site in the Modern and Elegant category: http://plugin-developer.com/blog/coming-attractions/

    Thanks for sponsoring this competition.

  75. http://awakening.ch/themes/
    Category: Best Clean & Minimalist


  76. I’m joining in under “Hand-Drawing Style” category.

    Here is my post (in Spanish): http://andresgallego.es/2009/03/best-wordpress-design-award/

  77. Would like to enter my site, Spout Creative, in the grunge category:


  78. Thanks! Would love to enter my site in the clean and minimalist category.


  79. Would like to enter my site in the Grunge category. Thanks!


  80. Hi there !

    I’m joigning the game to with that site :


    I’m Joining in under “Best Modern and Elegant” category.

  81. Category: Best Clean & Minimalist

    My post: http://www.efeblog.com/premio-el-mejor-diseno-para-wordpress-231/

  82. Catgory: Best Modern & Elegant

    Post: http://www.puntofape.com/concurso-el-mejor-diseno-para-wordpress-1384/

    I’m resending this comment :)

  83. I’m joining in under “Clean&Minimalist” category… let’s see what will happen!

  84. Retro vintage shomalgan-dot-com

  85. I’m in under Best Modern & Elegant (yeah..yeah..the PINK one)

    my url:


    Cheers all.

  86. I would love to enter my recently redesigned site in your competition:

    From my entry you can see I had a little trouble deciding on which category to choose, but after much deliberation I have settled with Retro & Vintage.

    Thanks for having this! I’ve seen some interesting site designs in the comments.

  87. Wrote about your contest and want to join in :) http://www.dailydollarreport.com/best-wordpress-design-award/

  88. I appreciate the consideration, and posted the contest at http://www.screationz.com/2009/03/12/best-wordpress-design-award/. I am joining under “Best Modern and Elegant” category. Good luck to all the entrants.

  89. Thank you! I would love to join under “Retro & Vintage”.


  90. http://malaysiaskills.org maybe simple or elegant. i am lucky number 2 maybe… :D

  91. http://malaysiaskills.org maybe simple or elegant. i am lucky number 2 maybe… :D

  92. here’s my blog-post to join your handwriting-style-category:



  93. I may actually change my entry to Best Grunge. Looking at some of the sites, mine may fall under that category better.


  94. I’m Joining Best Grunge Category
    thank you

  95. Too bad I am using a free WP design and I lightly change it.

  96. I’m joining in under “Clean&Minimalist” category :). This is my hand made wordpress themes uh….. Show times….

  97. Ok, officially entering in “Minimalist & clean”! :D


  98. Hi,

    Please consider this blog for Clean and Minimalist:


    and this one for Modern and Elegant:



  99. Great stuff here. Count me in and good work BTW.

  100. Hi can I just ask, will all the sites be judged on the 22nd or as they are submitted?

  101. I’m entering under the minimalist & clean category:


  102. Hello, count me in. This is my WordPress Blog.

    Best Wishes,

  103. I have written my blog post:

    Please consider me for the Modern and Elegant category!

  104. I am entering this contest for the Best WordPress Design Award under the category Best Modern & Elegant.

    Here is my post.


  105. Hi!

    I wish to be in “Clean& Minimalistic theme” ;)

  106. Hello, I’m participating in Best Clean & Minimalist category.

    Thank you for this opprtunity.

  107. Hi everybody,

    I love working with WordPress CMS so couldn’t resist to join this competition.

    I’d like to join Best Modern & Elegant category.

  108. Hi all,
    Been playing with WP and this is what we’ve done

    Here’s our post:

    Please enter us into the ‘Modern and Elegant’

  109. Hello!

    I´d like to join my new Website in. Category Clean & Minimalist. Here´s my blogpost: http://wordpress.thomas-aull.de/2009/03/best-wordpress-design-award/

  110. Thanks! I’m in for consideration in the Modern and Elegant category.

  111. First of all thanks for invitation to take part in this competition. Nominate my blog espreson.com under “Best Modern & Elegant” category.
    Blog post: http://espreson.com/2009/03/18/espreson-is-taking-part-in-best-wordpress-design-award/

  112. Hello Mr. Foress, I have changed my email. Just to inform you sir. :)

    Wow, a new and cool contest? I’m very much interested.
    I’m joining the ‘Best Hand-drawing Style’

    I hope you can pick me, sir. :) PLEASE!

    Btw, more powers to WP Web Host and cheers for it’s continuous strength online. Cheers!

  113. Hello,

    I have already posted my blog, but now I have a question.

    Since I have checked all the other competitors, I concluded that 90% of the blogs are in English. I live in Bulgaria and that’s the reason for my blog language and surely, I am not ashamed.
    So, my question is:
    Are you going to measure the quality of the design itself, and would it be a disadvantage that my blog is non-english?

    Thanks in advance, and may the best of us win!

    With regards,

  114. I want to participate.

    Here’s the link to my blogpost:

  115. Hey

    I´d like to join my website in Category Clean & Minimalist.

    Thats my Blogspot: http://www.benedikt-scherer.de/?p=29

    der bene

  116. Thanks for the invitation…maybe “Clean and Minimalist” category:


  117. Glad to see the competition has been going so well.

    I’m happy to submit Theme Playground to the “Modern and Elegant” category.


    Looking forward to seeing the results!

  118. hi! this is my first time to join a blog design contest. I am joining the Best Modern and Elegant category. I hope you’ll choose me. :)

    Good day!

  119. I’m entering my site in the “Hand Drawing Style” category.

    This is the blog post: http://amourchaleur.com/archives/2009/03/19/best-wordpress-design-award/

    Thank you. :)

  120. Creative Monkeys would like to participate in the categories:

    – Best GRUNGE (Isn’t grunge a music style?)

    With our rocking wordpress design for:


    Hope we win!

    Erik de Vreede

  121. Here’s another:

    for Best Modern & Elegant


  122. i am in. here’s my blog entry http://rbhavesh.com/?p=256 and I am participating for Clean & Minimal blog design :)

    Wish me luck.

  123. Antes se me ha olvidado poner la categoría….
    -Blog: http://puntoerogeno.wordpress.com/2009/03/20/best-wordpress-design-award/
    -Categoría: Best Modern&Elegant

  124. I am in! I’d like to enter in the hand drawing category, and here is the announcement:

  125. Please enter my site in your contest. My post about the contest is here…


  126. We are an entirely WordPress-based site, using it both as the CMS and for blogging. You can view our post about the contest here: http://www.lindentravel.com/journal/.

    We are submitting for Best Modern & Elegant.

  127. Dear WPWebHost,
    I intend to participate in your best wordpress design award contest on clean and minimalist category.

    I have post about this contest on http://babeh.net/best-wordpress-design-award/.
    I will very happy for your kindness for give me a chance.

    Thank you.

  128. Here’s another one: http://alotofit.com/archives/825

  129. Hi people. It’s great, that someone can sacrifice so much time and energy for us, bloggers.

    My blog: http://nazdi.globalni.cz/best-wordpress-design-award/
    Category: Grunge

    I really didn’t know which one I should choose :-)

    Best regards from Czech Republic and good luck with this competition.

  130. Hello there, just like to enter my site under the category of modern elegant

  131. hi,

    i’d like to enter my site

    http://www.wordsofsilence.com/2009/03/22/wpwebhost-design-awards/ under clean and minimalist

    thanks =)

  132. Language was not determined, So i am writing Turkish, This way, my (Turkish) friends will be informed. I will participate with the theme of Spaksu.com.


  133. and my category is : Clean & Minimalist..

  134. Hi, I’m sorry to ask but why hasn’t my site bean added? or post?

    I have trackback number 64.

    With best regards Max Oso

  135. Count me in, I’m happy to participate in the “Best Hand-Drawing Style” Category, here is my post..


  136. Good Luck to All=)

  137. I joined under “Best Modern & Elegant” category~
    I made them from scratch and didn’t use premade themes.

    My blog post is here: http://www.pinkista.info/best-wp-design-award/

  138. Okay, I have a post up here, entering under “Clean and Minimalist”: http://lifefroots.com/lifeblog/


  139. I’m joining under “Best Grunge” with my own made theme.

    Here’s a link to my post.

    Thanks! Goodluck to all! :)

  140. Looking forward to this…what time is the deadline exactly? Midnight GMT March 23?

  141. Here’s my shot. I’m thinking either Modern or Clean, at your discretion.

    Here’s the post.

  142. Hello there, just like to enter under the category”modern elegant”
    Its a brand new blog.

  143. http://kremerdesign.com/2009/03/21/wordpress-design-contest-wpwebhostcom/

    Clean and Minimalist design,
    Good Luck Everyone!

  144. Well, I’m in! this is my post –> hhttp://acidminds.com/blog/?p=467

    My blog is for Best Grunge!


  145. hmm..
    apparently my previous comment wasn’t published…

    Don’t see my blog in the trackbacks either…

    Oh well, never mind.. good luck to all! Cheers.

  146. Please check out http://www.productivedreams.com/best-wordpress-design-award/

    Category: Best Grunge


  147. We have officially entered the WPWebHost Best WordPress Design Award in the “Clean & Minimalist” category.

    AndrewVenell.com is a minimalist grid-based artist’s website that uses a number of custom plugins to extend beyond the normal limitations of blog-based portfolios.


  148. how to throw the vote to the wordpress that i want??

  149. It’s a pity I’ve missed this contest… :(

  150. So any idea when the conteset will finish?

  151. It is written that the results would be ready a week after the deadline, so I guess that the team would soon make up his decision :)

  152. Hi, my website is in spanish i hope that doesnt desqualifys me or something lol but i really think my wp theme i awesome!!!

  153. I’m in!

    Category: Best Grunge.

    Here’s the link to my post: http://www.shahin.co.nr/best-wordpress-design-award-im-in/

  154. sssss

  155. Wow! WP design awards! Very interesting. There are a lot off awesome designs, its hard to make a desicion wich is the best.

  156. nice, really nice!

  157. will there be another contest? We missed the deadline ;(

  158. wonderful!so many good WordPress Design

  159. I’ll vote for the WP designer who makes a WP theme for news related web site.

  160. Oh! I’m late to do a submission… but maybe people enjoy this spectacular News Magazine theme for WordPress: http://themelabs.com/index.php?op=details&fid=19

  161. when is the next one? does anyone know of any other wordpress contest?

  162. Mau dunks belajar-belajar….mantap…^_^..V

  163. That was a nice read

  164. Thank you for information

  165. I will give this a shot

    Site name: Bibikova.com (original)
    Category: Modern and Elegant

  166. I love this one than the old one .. so cool and simpel…

  167. Great post! I’ll subscribe right now wth my feedreader software!

  168. ya,thats true.i thank you for this info.best of luck from ireland

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  170. When does this contest open up again? Looking to show off a number of WordPress blog designs we have.

  171. wheres the fucking results!!!!!!!!!!!

  172. nice, thank you

  173. nice, look very interesting

  174. Where are the Results??

  175. What is up!

  176. Where are the Results??

  177. Results? They just wanted to have your design ideas!

  178. cool! great idea

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  182. Oh my god. Just miss the opportunity to join this award. Anyway, i’ll try next time. Is it any other website that is not using wpwebhost as host allowed to join? Thanks!

  183. Where is the result? Can we see the websites?

  184. Oh my god. Just miss the opportunity to join this award. Anyway, i’ll try next time. Is it any other website that is not using wpwebhost as host allowed to join? Thanks!

  185. Very good and informative article,thank you!

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  187. Hello,

    I would like to enter the awards scheme for our wordpress blog

    Many Thanks

  188. We’ll I don’t think I can compete with my current skills on designing. I’ved gotta learn more on how to use these new applications to enhance my skills and to widen my knowledge. I quite admire these people who have great ideas in terms of designing. Well I would use some tips anything would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance.

  189. Is it too late to enter my site, http://www.CherieYoung.com for most elegant?

    Cherie Young

  190. Is there any prizes for winning the award? Can we join too if our designs are designed by designer?
    .-= George Tee´s last blog ..How to Sell High Ticket Items Successfully =-.

  191. your new share!

  192. I have recently joined website re design contest from low5studios, To join this contest:

    You have to do is fan low5studios on Facebook and submit your worst sites to our Facebook wall. Also one lucky twitter follower will have a custom twitter background designed for them. The contest begins now and ends October 5th. One entry will be chosen within one week of the contest ending. You may also nominate a site.

    • Is there gonna be a new contest?

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  197. Hello, many, many thanks for taking the time to share.. It was useful for my team. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  198. Wow, there are some really great blog designs among the commentators. They are an inspiration for sure. I would have to say that the hand-drawing style is my favorite.

  199. waoo you have so many award for design
    congrat bro

  200. Great blog designs keep up the good work everyone

    Guess I’m way too late

  201. It offers a nice unique spin on things.

  202. Hello WPWebHost team…


    I’m Joining in under “clean and minimalist” category.

    Thanks :)

    • Hi John,

      Thank you for taking part. But the contest has ended long time ago.

  203. Seriously happy to get in touch with All Ms and Mr at this point

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