Simply type less than 140 characters and you could walk away with a hottest iPhone 3GS. Does it sound unbelievable and crazy for you?

WPWebHost is going to offer such crazy deal in our iPhone Twitter Giveaway Campaign. Starting from Sep 28th 2009, we’ll be giving away iPhone Gift Card for you to claim for the latest iPhone 3GS every day, consecutively for 10 days!


How to Win?

  1. Follow @wpwebhost on Twitter.
  2. Include #wpwebhost hashtag in any tweet on twitter, but your tweet MUST be relevant with WPWebHost. You can be creative with your tweet or retweet our message as below. There will be bonus prizes for your creativity (see Creative Response Reward below).

    “WPWebHost is giving away iPhone to 10 lucky winners. Simply tweet #wpwebhost hashtag to win! http://bit.ly/tWDMN”

  3. You can tweet #wpwebhost as often as you like. Each of these tweets will be eligible as contest entries. The more you tweet, the higher chance you can win. Entries through bots or automated scripts are not qualified.
  4. We will randomly choose one (1) winner each day. Winners will be announced in this page and from our twitter account (@wpwebhost) after the close of each day. So don’t forget to follow us to check out if you’ve won.

Examples of RELEVANT tweet (accepted):

  • “Transfer your free blog to #WPWebHost and get 1 year free domain name for your blog!” – Promote WPWebHost services
  • “My house’s kitchen is on fire. I need to win an iPhone from #WPWebHost to call 911.” – Promote Twitter Giveaway
  • “If you are lazy to press any word in Google for WordPress hosting, then just go for #WPWebHost.” – Recommend WPWebHost services
  • “My mum has left home and moved to cyber cafe since #WPWebHost Twitter Giveaway started. I miss her so much.” – Promote Twitter Giveaway

Examples of NON-RELEVANT tweet (not accepted):

  • “OMG, where is my keyboard? It’s missing! #WPWebHost” – Non-relevant tweet
  • “Yeah, #wpwebhost!” – Meaningless tweet
  • “#WPWebHost #WPWebHost #WPWebHost #WPWebHost #WPWebHost #WPWebHost #WPWebHost …” – Meaningless spam tweet (long version)


Special Update

We’re sorry that our Twitter Giveaway has turned into a spamming phenomenon on Twitter . We never expected that to happen. We apologize if any of our replies and inadequate rules has created the misunderstanding to some tweeters. However, all your hard effort for tweeting #wpwebhost hashtag before is appreciated. Nevertheless from Day 4 onwards, all spam tweets which is lack of relevancy to WPWebHost WILL NOT be accepted as valid entry.



Day 1 – @theandystratton
Day 2 – @dccarlin
Day 3 – @sylistic
Day 4 – @jeorgina
Day 5 – @dlv_
Day 6 – @ericsizemore
Day 7 – @MCJunkie
Day 8 – @sahilkotak
Day 9 – @Mtlgrl4evr
Day 10 – @binoyxj

Note: Winners will be further contacted through Twitter after giveaway ends. Please hold.


Creative Response Reward!


Make your creative tweets, pictures, videos, blog posts etc and help us make publicly known WPWebHost or this giveaway. If your creativity successfully impresses us, you will be rewarded with one (1) year FREE hosting of our WP Freedom Plan.

To join, publish your pictures, videos, blog posts etc on Internet (with link back to this contest post) and submit the links at the Comment Section below. As for tweets, just send them out in Twitter – NO NEED to leave in the Comment Section.

Go ahead and unleash your creativity!


Rules and Notes:

  1. You don’t have to be a customer of WPWebHost to enter.
  2. 10 prizes will be available, 1 per day for 10 days.
  3. The contest starts at 1 AM (GMT-6) 28 Sep 2009, ends at 1 AM (GMT-6) 8 Oct 2009.
  4. Winners will be chosen at the end of each of the 24 hour cycle starting at 1 AM (GMT-6) each day using random picker program. Winners will be announced after the close of each day in this page and from WPWebHost Twitter account.
  5. You can tweet as many times as you like. Tweets during different 24 hours cycles will be entered into the competition for that particular cycle only. So tweet again when one cycle closes and another begins.
  6. The prize is an iPhone Gift Card for $199. You can simply take this card to any Apple Retail Store and redeem for iPhone, or all things Mac and iPod at the Apple Online Store or any Apple Retail Store if you are a U.S resident.
  7. The prize doesn’t include AT&T wireless service contract if you redeem for iPhone.
  8. In the event that you are not a U.S resident and not eligible to use iPhone Gift Card, you can choose to either have $199 cash prize (through PayPal) OR free 2 years WP Buddy Plan (worth $240).
  9. The prizes will be dispatched within 14 days of the competition closing date.


WPWebHost.com Administrator.


  1. Ohhhh my god! Finally it is out for tweet. I am happy as the first commenter here.

    I will translate this into VNese too. Thanks and good luck to all WPWebhoster or fans!!

  2. I like this event. Thanks!

    Here is my twitter: http://twitter.com/designect

  3. Great event!

  4. Follow up this Event!
    Here is my tweet: http://twitter.com/giaiphapso/statuses/4409667011

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    Try it to get more attention from twitterers, bloggers or potential customers!

  6. Well. Good news for not Us resident. Thank you!

  7. yeah, sound good! thanks , I’ll come back late!

  8. Woo this cool iwish ican win in this contest

  9. done i wish ill win

  10. http://twitter.com/stylaty

    thanks for this chance to get what ilove

  11. I like this event. Thanks!

    Here is my twitter: http://twitter.com/iphonect

  12. i wanna win

  13. http://twitter.com/chelle26 I tweeted hope I win…*gotta pray harder*

  14. Can we like add the #wpwephost hashtag to all of our tweets? lol. If so, i think i’ll do that. (hehe)

    Great giveaway. Good luck to all who enter.


  15. nice =)

  16. “In the event that you are not a U.S resident and not eligible to use iPhone Gift Card…”

    means it doesn’t apply to non U.S. residents, else we just get a gift card. bleh. no thanks.

  17. Really excited about this one!
    Am tweeting now.


  18. Since my previous on sank.. I need a new one..

    I definitely re-tweeted : http://twitter.com/tomhermans


  19. Yay! Will be tweeting about this using my #bloggingpinay account. :) My personal twitter account is currently focused on the typhoon Ondoy updates for our country. <3

    WPWebHost rocks! :)

  20. WPWebHost’s 10 iPhones in 10 Days http://bit.ly/BFrET

  21. here is my tweet , omg my son wants one so much for christmas but this year unless i win one its a no go , good luck everyone :) WPWebHost is giving away iPhone to 10 lucky winners. Simply tweet #wpwebhost hashtag to win! http://bit.ly/tWDMN

  22. Wow… Ai FoN! LOL

  23. Thanks for useful Iphone. Hope I will win it: http://twitter.com/comicer/status/4438636700

  24. Thank you for this!!!

  25. very cool! Just tweeted.

  26. I joined this too…..

    wish me luck….^^

  27. This is cool! Already tweeting to win! :-)

    Pixellicious Photos

  28. I will have to add #wpwebhost to most of my tweets till 10 days from now. Because I am excited about the contest.


  29. Here is my tweet:
    But what about the last competition? Where can we find the winner list? I am thinking if this is just a trick?

  30. Great deal, like it very much!

  31. I’m definitely joining this. Tweeted!

    Thank you. :)

  32. Here I go:

    Will tweet as much as i can :P

  33. I’m in the UK hope it’s OK to still enter this!


  34. plz vst my web site

  35. “WPWebHost is giving away iPhone to 10 lucky winners. Simply tweet #wpwebhost hashtag to win! http://bit.ly/tWDMN”
    M. Asghar

    this is my tweet and i will win

  36. here is my tweet –> http://twitter.com/seeal/status/4447585908

    thx alot ¡¡¡

  37. You’ve got to check out this hot website.


    Eevery one can win an I Phone How can you win Visit below site


  39. hi there

  40. hihihi

  41. i hope i win this..

    here is my twitt :


  42. This so cool contest..here’s mine http://twitter.com/dingdans

  43. how you can check the tweet entry, because after im retweet , and search on twitter i could not found my retweet?

  44. Wow! I would like an iPhone! My tweets are seen here:


  45. my tweet @imurzz

  46. i will be the happiest person in the world if i win an BRAND NEW IPHONE


  47. “In the event that you are not a U.S resident and not eligible to use iPhone Gift Card”

    What does this mean? Only for US residents?

  48. hay sana i am one of them to win…


  49. Many thanks for this great event! I hope i’m lucky, here is my tweet: http://twitter.com/basoftware/statuses/4439233347

  50. My tweet is @dgallivan

  51. Is this tweet creative ?

    SpiderWoman: Where Do We Live After Marriage?

    SpiderMan: We Will Build Our Home in WPWebHost. That’s The Place For THE WEB.


  52. oh common, i am quite nervous about this contest

  53. wat a way to win the Iphone

  54. Second Day:

    Can’t buy an iPhone atleast I can win one.

  55. tweeting to try for a win
    And a BIG congrats to Day 1 winner!!!! Way to go!!!

  56. we gotta think more creative tweets so that we can be recognized :P

  57. Congrats to @theandystratton you are the first lucky man :-)

  58. Try my luck on this contest :)

  59. Heres my entry :) on twitter !!! http://twitter.com/animesources

  60. September 30th, 2009 TWEET

  61. Congrats to @theandystratton and @dccarlin
    Two lucky guy!

  62. Hey this is really great.

    Looks like the hosting is really good in wpwebhost.

  63. So lucky

  64. Sweet, I’m in. My twitter: http://twitter.com/jacobyap

  65. is it allowed if its on Powertwitter? not thru web?

  66. A not so creative entry for today: http://twitter.com/wiehanne/status/4501927773

  67. Twitted today


    Wish Ill Win

  68. Twitted it for today


  69. i dedicate the contest to a blog post http://ow.ly/s3Dt

  70. Hey there I hope you enjoy the pic and my tweet

    Brittf0418 Hey all to win the iphone you have to beat this.Bad pic but gets the meaning across.http://twitpic.com/jsnmk #wpwebhost http://bit.ly/tWDMN

  71. I hope I win, it’s a perfect birthday gift!

  72. hope ill win! :D

  73. Goodluck!

    Twitter Account: http://www.twitter.com/JellyCherry

  74. My twitter!


    I really want the money TT
    since I am not U.S. Resident

  75. Happy tweeting…



  76. oh what a brilliant prize
    my tweet is done

  77. Just tweeted from http://twitter.com/MigTavares/

    Great contest WP Web Host!

  78. is this free iPhone giveaway the best of the month ??
    yes ! I think you agree with me !

    I hope an iPhone can travel to South America ! It would be a pleasure for all spanish speakers !!

    thanks WPWebHost for this giveaway, i’m trying to push #WPWebHost on trending topics !!!

  79. cool contest

  80. people, READ what they said !!!

    “As for tweets, just send them out in Twitter – NO NEED to leave in the Comment Section.”

    Please don’t leave tweets url’s…, thanks..
    Trying to keep this post clear :)

  81. Sorry, wasn’t paying close enough attention..

  82. incredible,just get up,yesterday I went to bed at 3am typing like Mozart ..now I see the news, applauses to @wpwebhost for this opportunity!

    thanks for all those warm messages !!

    I’m happy I found WPwebHost months ago,an incredible web hosting …I’m not lying, my website http://is.gd/3UjQz is hosted on their servers!

    …and for all his good services, I’m happy they are growing as a company with things like WPWwebhost iPhone Giveaway , or I hope

    i’m not a web guru, but I’ve used 3 hosting services, and WPWebHost is incomparable, especially for those WordPress lovers…no more PHP/memory errors!! the database run fast, the website loading time too …

    And the support service is the goal (especially for those who aren’t web designers/coders), I feel I’m chatting with them… answwers ready in few minutes.

    I was lucky, other people could too, so I hope that the next winners are truly people who need the phone or money.
    If in doubt, here in Argentina the iPhone 3GS cost around $800 (to be honest, I don’t think there came many iPhone 3Gs to here)

    to leave, a great greeting and thanks for your service and for giving the opportunity for people to be eager to participate in such contests.
    I will keep watching this contest, but I won’t tweet more # , I leave the room for other win also ! a personal rule i can say.

    Have a nice weekend ! Good luck for everyone !
    Thanks again WP Webhost as always
    congrats for this wonderful Giveaway

    Adios! Good bye !

    Demian Villanueva.


  83. This a great event since I am so excited to win an iPhone, phew finally a great chance :).
    Thanks for the event !! and good luck to all.

  84. Here’s my twitter: http://twitter.com/joanna_xo

  85. I don’t need (don’t want) iPhone, but will twiit When I win what I should do with it?

  86. Sweetness, I won! Great contest, WPWebHost :)

  87. hi.. i wanna join this contest.. (i don’t have iPhone) wanna try my luck here..


  88. Gift this iphone 2 me

  89. I woke up and saw on Twitter I am a winner !!! I am sooo happy, makes for a good day! Keep Tweeting all of you!

  90. I’ll be a 10th lucky guy!

  91. Is this applicable for Malaysia resident?

  92. With all the hooplah surrounding your Twitter account, I would thought that @wpwebhost is a good medium for me to ask WPWebHost a couple of short questions.

    I was wrong.

    WPWebHost, I hope you do pay attention to the genuine questions posted on Twitter for you, and not just focus on this competition alone.

  93. Lorna: Yes it’s true… but wait one more day until competition ends, only one winner remains.
    I think there are tones of @wpwebhost replies, they can view all and try to figure out what tweets are asking them… jsut understand the situation.

    (i’m not wpwebhost employee, i’m just a client, like you i think)

    have a nice day

  94. The bad thing is that people started spamming tweets about the giveaway 10 times a minute. Bad for them. My latest tweet is about it as well but I’m not goung spam it with the words “It’s mine because i spam tweets, yeah!”. Good luck everyone, hoping to win an iPhone or Hosting as well.

  95. Last iphone. things getting interesting but sad to see its gonna end.
    congrats to the winner


  96. My Entry for the Creative part ;D – http://twitter.com/ikabnews/status/4686089640 hope you like it !

  97. Almost guy win the iPhone don’t have much followers!
    I thing it’s not strong enough to PR for this event!
    It’s look like to play lottery!
    Good luck everyone!

  98. @giaiphapso: Yes, I have the same idea and this contest is for intended winners, not for wide audiences. That is a lesson for all of us about such kind of contest. Hope you will win the last one :-)

  99. So WPWebHost encourages spam? They choose spammer as the winner. LOL funny.

  100. That means this contest failed :sad:

  101. @giaiphapso: I think you are being jealous. I am one of the winner, and I have 2000+ followers in twitter. So, I think it is not less??

    @Tinh: Same Reply for you also.

    @zen: Where do you see the spam?? I think you didn’t see the bold line written above?? I think posting many times is not called spam.

    @WPWEBHOST: When will be price given as the contest has been already ended. Just a bit curious.


  102. @Sahil Kotak, winner #9, 20 tweets per minute lol

  103. @ Sahil Kotak: Hi, I am not jealous as everyone is equal. But tweeting as many as you can is not the good way and as @zen said you tweeted 20 times per minute? Is that spamming twitter? I totally agree that WPWebhost should think about this for another contest, they could set the rules for creative ways or use someway to generate lucky users is more transparent otherwise noone would like to join next contests

  104. yeah, sound good! thanks , I’ll come back late!

  105. cool contest!

  106. Iphone this is bad phone because touch pad is wrong vibrations


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