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It’s been sometime since our last giveaway and I know you all want the goodies so here it comes again. We’re going to giveaway 3 limited premium WordPress themes membership from RocketTheme and it is worth $50 in conjunction with our partnership with RocketTheme . This membership will last for 90 days and you stand the chance to download all the themes if you win the contest for 90 days !!!


How to win?

    1. Follow @WPWebHost Twitter
    2. Tweet/Retweet the following message:
      WPWebHost is going Gaga again and retweet this to win Free @RocketTheme only at @WPWebHost
    3. Submit the URL of your tweet at comment section below.
    4. You may enter this giveaway multiple times by tweeting the message once a day until giveaway closes. Each tweet is counted as one entry, which will be put into the list of entries.
    5. Contest starts as soon as this post is published and ends on 22 August, 2011.
    6. Winners will be chosen using’s List Randomizer after the contest ends.

* You don’t have to be existing customer of WPWebHost to win this giveaways.


Can’t wait to enjoy these themes?
RocketTheme giveaways


So what are you waiting for? Start tweeting NOW!!



Author: Administrator.


  1. Here’s my tweet:!/hellofath/status/103042013301194752

    Is ONE tweet per day a rule?

  2. It’s good to see another giveaway. Keep it up guys!!/imkevintan/status/103042251705434112

  3. well, count me in..
    I hope I cant win something here :)
    this is my tweet..!/ekads/status/103058467090214912

  4. Here you go.!/flashboydare/status/103060213749387264

    Here’s hoping I’m in with a chance. Good luck every one.

  5. Count me in! Here is my tweet…!/bloggingwp/status/103061352662315009

    Good luck to everyone!

  6. Awesome contest! here’s my lucky tweet!!/TheAppTimes/status/103063110247653376

  7. Here’s my tweet:!/DesignerEric/status/103060905192992768

    Good luck everyone!

  8. Thank you for the contest.

    My 1st tweet:!/bobbytco/status/103059702304350208

  9. Here is my tweet:
    Thanks to WPWebHost.

  10. It will be great to win a RocketTheme.

  11. Here’s mine:!/devox_de/status/103098059080212480

    (corrected the grammar. ;P)

  12. Thanks for a great giveaway!/designByRandy

  13. Thanks for organizing this themes giveaway! Congratulation for the successful partnership with rockettheme. All the best in future!!/mrsays_com/status/103109361903222786

  14. Sweety! We are glad RocketTheme and WPwebhost work together :)

  15. Hi, thanks for the wonderful contest.
    Here’s my tweet:!/MaxMonic/status/103136550027657216

  16. hello!
    here’s my twit for today. thanks.!/patricktumalad/status/103145932035596288

  17. Nice giveaway! For sure this theme rocks!!/flameboy/status/103149488977350656

  18. Count me in ! Here’s my tweet :!/contestforwin/status/103161158915198977

    Good Luck Everyone !

  19. great giveaway you’re the fucking best!! here is my tweet!/designmadness/status/103193632856752128

  20. Hey i checked out there themes and worth to share and for giveaway too. thanks for the offer.

  21. Hoping that i’m lucky enough.Yoshhhh!!/finalcross/status/103398565245759488

  22. Tweeted and following you.
    My Tweet :-!/Asksiv/status/104013467480096768

  23. Count me in for this. Tweeted and followed.!/VaniTechie/status/104027475692105728

  24. Here is my entry into contest.!/PeninaMoise/status/104031644884807680

    Followed both the @wpwebhost and @rockettheme

  25. Their themes are pretty good and feature rich. WOuld love to win this. Done all the steps. Here is the tweet.!/novicetips/status/104047850207453185

  26. we have posted your giveaway on our popular blog so that you can get more participants as well as visitors. Hope so it works fine for you.

    Please do take time to check out @

    If you wish to advertise you can also look at our advertising plans for 30000 impressions per month @

    nice & good designed theme, hope to win.

  28. my entry:!/rohitbatra14/status/104077188168556545

    Hope to Win those awesome themes.. :)

  29. tweeted:!/themesparadise/status/104177266921177088

    thanks WPWebHost and RocketTheme for this excellent giveaway.

  30. Thanks for this Contest..

    Here’s the URL of my Tweet –!/venkat_ty/status/104215265230860288

    Hope I Win This ..:)

  31. WPWebHost is going Gaga again and retweet this to win Free @RocketTheme only at @WPWebHost

  32. Once again, tweetin the awesome giveaway:!/animhut/status/104766155574607873

  33. Hi
    WPWebHost is going Gaga again and retweet this to win Free @RocketTheme only at @WPWebHost

  34. Awesome and cool giveaway,here my tweet :!/wazy84/status/105394644229173248

  35. All right folks. Thanks for commenting and participating this contest and it officially ends now. We will announce the winner soon. Good luck to those who participated this contest


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