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"WPWebHost has been an excellent niche hosting solution. For our business needs, we only use WordPress, it has been an easy transition for us, very quick setup of new WordPress based websites.

With our large amount of traffic, we needed a more dedicated server space so we looked at the Sumo Plan - thus far it has been able to handle our traffic..."

Chad Mueller
"Design Shard is now Hosted with WPWebHost and its been a really great experience so far, support is fast at responding to questions about their hosting and about Wordpress, the features of their servers are better than what I was on at Godaddy! I would recommend them with confidence if your thinking of changing hosts."

Max Stanworth
"I've been with several webhosts over the past few years, and *none* of them catered to all the requirements needed to run the WordPress platform smoothly. When I ran into an ad for WPWebHost, I decided to go with one of their special promos they offered to test their service. That was back in 2008. Since that time I have renewed their services because my overall experience with the company has been nothing but positive. I will continue to remain with them as they keep WordPress as their top priority."

Christian Bais
"I recommend them to any blogger!"

Stefan Vervoort
"Really speaking, WPWebHost is the Best Platform, I have been experiencing since beginning of my blog. Till date, I never had any downtime for my blog. Whatever the question, doubt it has been cleared very patiently. To be more frank, I am enlightened by your service.

I have started my blogging after a vast survey with umpteen numbers of bloggers about the WPWebHost.

Best wishes for further more developments."

Sri Ganesh
"I'm using WpWebHost the second year now and I'm very pleased, I like to automatically upgrade WordPress and the plugins. cPanel is very good for all settings. Support is always very helpful. Here I hosts several domains and will have more."

David Klhufek
"There are so many hosting companies that are completely ignorant to all things WordPress, but this is a hosting company that is especially for WordPress sites. The people that run it actually know WordPress in and out and are capable of WordPress support as well as normal web-hosting support. I’ve had my fair share of hosts, but I’d have to say that WPWebHost has definitely been the best so far."

"Self hosting WordPress can be tricky and time consuming even if you decide to read the directions. I read them and my first installation with another hosting provider was still a nightmare. When I heard about WPWebHost, I decided to switch and am thrilled that I did.

The service team contacted me within just a few minutes of my order and handled everything for me. They transferred all of my sites, domains and email accounts seamlessly. They even repaired some bugs in my theme that resulted from the transfer. The level of service is amazing, their WordPress knowledge is remarkable and I'm paying less than half of what my other service charged. I begged them to let me send a gratuity, but they declined. Instead, I will happily recommend WPWebHost to everyone that owns a website."

Bryce Peterson
avatarI've been using WPWebHost for almost a year and I never faced any problem. The service and the support is very good and besides that I like their promotional offers. I can say for sure that I am not going to change my host ever. If you are a WordPress user, WPWebHost is the host you should go for.

Prasanth Chandra
I've been using multiple web hosting companies for more than 5 years and I've been most satisfied with WPWebHost in dealing with downtimes and any problems that I faced. Speediness in fixing problems and attending to customer needs is crucial if you're running an online site that gives you income. Great job guys, and do maintain the standard!

Jae Vin
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