WPWebHost Attended WordCamp Singapore, Jakarta & Kuala Lumpur 2017

WPWebHost Attended WordCamp Singapore, Jakarta & Kuala Lumpur 2017

WPWebHost is always supporting the local community and events in any way we can. Recently, we had a great success sponsoring and participating in WordCamp Singapore #WCSG, WordCamp Jakarta #WCJKT & WordCamp #WordCampKL. As a proud sponsor, we were truly excited to meet WordPress enthusiasts, developers and bloggers to learn all about the latest news and trends of WordPress.
With our valued partner, Valdimir from Plesk

What is WordCamp?
WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything about WordPress.
WordCamps are informal community-organized events that are put together by WordPress for users like you. Everyone – from casual users to core developers – participate, share ideas, and get to know each other throughout the camp duration.
At WPWebHost, we find great satisfaction in being able to offer reliable and affordable Managed WordPress Hosting to small businesses, web developers, designers, and even tech startups. No matter what WP issues you face — slow WordPress websites, how to start a WordPress website, etc — WPWebHost can help!
Good luck to all the participants and we hope to see you all again soon at WordCamps!

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Partnership with Rocket Themes

Partnership with Rocket Themes

Today we got a brand new partner joining in as our premium WordPress theme provider. RocketTheme are among the first and the longest running template company who operates under the subscription model. The RocketTheme founder, Andy Miller who used to work as core developer for Mambo CMS back to 2004.
Soon mambodev.com evolved into a template club based site and was relaunched under the name RocketTheme. During Andy’s time as a Joomla core developer, RocketTheme quickly grew into the number one template club for Joomla. Today, with more than dozens of developers and contributers. RocketTheme has grown to reach the WordPress audiences by providing premium theme designs for WordPress.

To reach out to WordPress audiences, they have established the RocketTheme WordPress Theme Club. They provide  over 30 astonishingly different theme design to enable you as WordPress user to stand out from the crowd. They also have this extensive community forums that offer you comprehensive guidance and engage your own ideas into your work.
Most importantly they also offer different ranges of subscription options to satisfy your needs regardless of individuals, organizations or businesses. Their continuous growth in terms of their portfolio of themes will enable you to easily customize your WordPress site into a professional quality site that will give you the cutting edge design compared to your competitors.
So the big question is that what’s the big deal of having a partnership with RocketThemes. Their founder together with their developers and contributers have agreed to give all WPWebHost valued client an exclusive 20% of discount on WordPress themes from RocketTheme when you purchase it through our link and get the exclusive upon code from our sales team at sales@wpwebhost.com. Check out their WordPress themes in their site and it will definitely give you a jaw-dropping experience especially with their integration of Gantry in producing this exceptional quality themes only at RocketTheme WordPress Theme Club.

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Timthumb Security Update

Timthumb Security Update

We have received an email from Nick Roach and today on the security update on all ElegantThemes premium themes caused by the Timthumb image re-sizing script. In case they might have miss out Nick’s email, here is the email

You are receiving this email because you are an active member of ElegantThemes.com. In the past, our themes have used a popular image re-sizing script called Timthumb (http://www.binarymoon.co.uk/projects/timthumb/). The script is used by millions of sites and is quite popular in the WordPress themeing community. That being said, it was noted yesterday that a vulnerability exists within certain versions of the script (http://code.google.com/p/timthumb/issues/detail?id=212), and therefore this vulnerability may also exist in your theme (depending on when you last updated it). While that author has provided a fix, it is highly recommended that you update all of your EelgantThemes themes to their latest versions. The latest versions of our themes no longer utilize the timthumb script and therefore are not subject to this security hole.
Regardless of when you last updated your theme, I would strongly suggest that everyone update their themes to the latest version and insure that the timthumb.php file and your /cache folder has been removed. To update your theme and remove the file, simply delete your current theme via the Appearances > Themes section of the WordPress Dashboard. Then you can re-download the theme from the members area and re-upload it normally:
The latest theme versions require that your thumbnail images be hosted on the same domain name where WordPress is installed. If you were previously using timthumb.php to allow external image source by editing the file’s $allowedSites array, then these thumbnails will no longer function.
Before updating the theme, make sure that you are using the latest version of WordPress. I would also disable all of your plugins temporarily before doing any update to insure that no compatibility issues exist. Remember to always keep WordPress, your Themes and your Plugins up-to-date to help protect yourself against any vulnerabilities.
I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Best Regards,
Nick Roach

Meanwhile, we have also received another email from VaultPress team whereby the security vulnerability can be fixed by referring to steps as below.
We recommend deleting timthumb.php or thumb.php if your site will work without them. If the file exists in a theme or plugin that you’re no longer using you may want to remove the entire theme or plugin directory. After you remove the TimThumb library make sure you check that your site is still working correctly.
If you must use TimThumb please make sure to update the file with the latest version and remember to check the TimThumb site regularly for updates. You should also set ALLOW_EXTERNAL to false and find the $allowedSites array inside the file and remove the domain names to prevent remote file downloading.
Make sure this constant is set to false:
define( ‘ALLOW_EXTERNAL’, false );
$allowedSites = array (
$allowedSites = array();
If you ever need our assistance on this security update, please contact our technical team at support@wpwebhost.com.

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We are sponsoring WordCamp Chicago 2011

We are sponsoring WordCamp Chicago 2011

We are proud to announce that we are one of the official sponsor for WordCamp Chicago 2011.  If you have been using WordPress for your blog and have no idea what is WordCamp and how it can relate it with WordPress and WPWebHost? Check this out
WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other. WordCamps are open to WordPress.com and WordPress.org users alike.
Source: WordCamp Central
In conjunction with this, we would like to take opportunity to make this WordCamp event even merrier. We will be offering a 30% discount on all of our hosting plan starting from 27th July to 3rd of August 2011.
Just choose your selected WordPress hosting plan and then use the coupon code “WCCHICAGO” to checkout and get the 30% special discount on our hosting plan.
What’s more, those that are staying somewhere near Chicago or interested to go for this WordCamp Chicago 2011 on 30th July and 31th July,we are giving away 2 entry tickets to the WordCamp Chicago 2011 to 2 lucky commenters who tweets on this post and comment on this post with the tweet URL.
So, please tweet this out so share with your followers. Who knows you or your friends from Chicago will get selected?

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Exclusive Deal by ElegantThemes

Exclusive Deal by ElegantThemes

If you have been our WPWebHost customer since last year, you might possibly know that you can purchase Elegant Theme membership through us as hosting addon at exclusive $29. Now here comes the short story behind ElegantTheme before we mention another good news.

ElegantThemes was founded by Nick Roach and he started to design his band’s website at the tender age of 13. Ever since then, he began to improvised his skills in designing by self learning and today he has achieved something beyond expectation, hence ElegantThemes.
One of the main core business point from ElegantThemes is the functionality of it. The user-friendly features such as the ePanel Options enables you to customize your site without much hassle. They also come with support forums for their members to discuss for innovation purposes or for those who have any related troubleshooting issue. This will give the ElegantThemes members a comprehensive understanding on issues especially on the WordPress themes topics.

Among all the premium WordPress theme providers out there, ElegantThemes has provided WordPress community a great collection of themes and has been constantly ranked in top 10 in most of the premium WordPress theme providers’ reviews and ratings.
On top of that, ElegantThemes offers one of the most economical plan for users out there with only $39 per year in their official website and it has unlimited usage for all its themes within that year until its expiration date and it is easily renewable and at the same time clients are able to enjoy newly update themes from them in that year for the price.
The good news about another deals with ElegantThemes, we at WPWebHost would like to announce that if you are our existing client, you will continue enjoy all the membership fees for $29.00 per year. And if you are a non-existing client of WPWebHost, don’t you worry as we also give you one of the best deal which is at $34.90 per year by signing up through our link.
So what are you waiting for? You are just one click away from getting the lowest price for Elegant Theme membership.

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[COMPLETED] Immediate Network Maintenance

Date: 18th May 2011
Start Time: 2:28 PM MDT to 2:50 PM MDT
Completion Time: Unknown
Maintenance Details:
The data center BGP route map hardware problem causing the internal and external connectivity outage.
Maintenance Effect:
Your website(s)/server(s) might not be accessible during the above time and the issue is being fixed by the network team.
Best Regards,
Support Team
Technical Department

Date: May 19, 2011

Time: 12:01 AM GMT-600 (MDT) – 3:00AM GMT-600 (MDT)

Purpose of Work: Upgrade IOS on core routers and switches.

Impact of Maintenance:
Customers will experience 10-15 minutes of packet loss and latency during the maintenance window as routers are upgraded and rebooted.

Description of Maintenance:
Today’s earlier outage has been attributed to a BGP memory leak in Cisco IOS, for which there is a recently released fix. We will be deploying this update during the above noted maintenance window to prevent similar events from impacting our network in the future.
Best Regards,
Support Team
Technical Department

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Themefuse our new premium WordPress theme partners

Themefuse our new premium WordPress theme partners

It is 13th May and it is on Friday. What else can be worse that Friday 13th?
Sound a lil scary right? Now WPWebHost has it covered with happiness and good news. On this spectacular day, we are going to introduce you to our new theme partners, ThemeFuse!!!

But why Themefuse? Now you gotta read all about ’em after we had a short interview with friendly Dimi, one of the co-founder. Here is the story;
[quote]Me(Dimi)and Bogdan started to sell HTML/CSS themes on ThemeForest in November 2009. In a couple of months we realized that the future is in WordPress themes and decided that our themes must be implemented in WordPress. After 4 unsuccessful partnerships with different WordPress developers around the globe, we found these amazing guys (Alex and Sergiu), passionate about WordPress, obsessed with details and with a great deal of programming skills under their belt, and we transformed our themes in WordPress one by one.
After another 4-5 months, the clients piled up, we realized that the logical next step was to fly solo, and decided to create our own original WordPress theme shop different that what the market is offering right now. We thought: “It’s time for a change in the premium WordPress business.”
We founded ThemeFuse because we wanted to shake up the premium wp industry, and show that WordPress themes companies don’t have to just keep making the same themes over and over again to be successful. We believe that the users want to try new themes, original themes, so it’s time to step up and bring some originality into the mix.
We have launched ThemeFuse in December 2010, and after only a couple of months, wow, the feedback in the market was amazing and it will only go up from here.[/quote]
What’s more, Themefuse currently have some cool promotions in place.
For example, their Facebook Fan Promotion: we offer $10 discount voucher if you like them on Facebook. The same happens with the RSS feed promotion, they will give their users a $10 discount code if you subscribe to their RSS feed.
Now you have read about their story. So what’s the big deal about our partnership with ThemeFuse? Dimi and his co-founders has agreed to give all of WPWebHost’s valued client an exclusive 35% of discount on all themes by Themefuse. Check out their WordPress Original Themes here at their shop.
To all WPWebHost valued client, you can redeem this livelong 35% discount without expiry date by submitting your request to sales@wpwebhost.com and we will give you the exclusive discount code. All new sign up order will also be offered with optional choice to get this code before checkout.
What’s more?
If you are existing client of WPWebHost, just login to your client area and download the premium LifeStyle WordPress theme worth $49 for absolutely FREE! Yes, you heard it. Exclusively by ThemeFuse for WPWebHost.

Follow the steps below to download the Free premium theme
1. Login to https://www.wpwebhost.com/billing/clientarea.php
2. Click on My Product & Services > Select your hosting account > View Details > Scroll to Downloads > Download.

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WPWebHost awarded with TRUSTe Privacy Seal

MAY 12, 2011 − WPWebHost, a hosting company acquired by Exabytes Network Pvt. Ltd on 2008 has recently been awarded TRUSTe Privacy Seal effective from 5th May 2011 by TRUSTe , a company which operates the world’s largest privacy seal program, certifying more than 3,500 websites including Facebook, Microsoft, Apple Inc., eBay and many more.
WPWebHost, a key industry player in the niche market of WordPress hosting had been keen to obtain the Privacy Seal by TRUSTe to ensure a peace of mind among its customers when providing personal information for online purchases as well as greater confidence regarding the handling of consumer data by WPWebHost. “Not only do we want to assure our customers the best privacy practices at WPWebHost, we are fully aware that privacy and data security practices keep evolving nowadays. With the award of TRUSTe Privacy Seal, we are confident to constantly keep up with the evolving regulatory standards of online privacy,” Luis Ku, the manager of WPWebHost was quoted as saying.
TRUSTe earlier introduced the concept of ‘Truth in Privacy’, which incorporated the privacy values of transparency, choice and accountability. According to its CEO Chris Babel, thousands of companies rely on TRUSTe’s leading privacy trustmark to enhance consumer trust, drive increased registrations and transactions, and comply with complex privacy requirements. Consumers know that when they see the TRUSTe seal they can “Click with Confidence” because the certified website is responsible with their personal information. TRUSTe has certified more than 40 percent of the top fifty websites including Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, eBay, AOL, Adobe, AT&T, Comcast, Disney, Weather.com, Apple, LinkedIn, Web MD, and Yelp.
“At WPWebHost, we understand customer concerns more than anything else. We greatly welcome the recent award of TRUSTe Privacy Seal in line with our constant effort to increase customer satisfaction,” according to Luis.

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[COMPLETED] Scheduled CDN System Upgrade

Date: 2011-05-12 (Thursday)
Start time (MYT): 20:00:00(GMT+8)
End time (MYT): 22:00:00(GMT+8)
Services affected: Portal and API
Maintenance Details :
Upgrade work for the current production system to V2.15.1.
Effect of Maintenance :
CDN delivery will continue working as usual. Portal and API access will probably be offline for up to two hours. Customers will therefore be unable to add/edit sites or servers during this outage window.

Best Regards,
Support Team
Technical Department

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