iPhone Giveaway Craze: Tweet and Win an iPhone Everyday for 10 Days!


Simply type less than 140 characters and you could walk away with a hottest iPhone 3GS. Does it sound unbelievable and crazy for you?

WPWebHost is going to offer such crazy deal in our iPhone Twitter Giveaway Campaign. Starting from Sep 28th 2009, we’ll be giving away iPhone Gift Card for you to claim for the latest iPhone 3GS every day, consecutively for 10 days!


How to Win?

  1. Follow @wpwebhost on Twitter.
  2. Include #wpwebhost hashtag in any tweet on twitter, but your tweet MUST be relevant with WPWebHost. You can be creative with your tweet or retweet our message as below. There will be bonus prizes for your creativity (see Creative Response Reward below).

    “WPWebHost is giving away iPhone to 10 lucky winners. Simply tweet #wpwebhost hashtag to win! http://bit.ly/tWDMN”

  3. You can tweet #wpwebhost as often as you like. Each of these tweets will be eligible as contest entries. The more you tweet, the higher chance you can win. Entries through bots or automated scripts are not qualified.
  4. We will randomly choose one (1) winner each day. Winners will be announced in this page and from our twitter account (@wpwebhost) after the close of each day. So don’t forget to follow us to check out if you’ve won.

Examples of RELEVANT tweet (accepted):

  • “Transfer your free blog to #WPWebHost and get 1 year free domain name for your blog!” – Promote WPWebHost services
  • “My house’s kitchen is on fire. I need to win an iPhone from #WPWebHost to call 911.” – Promote Twitter Giveaway
  • “If you are lazy to press any word in Google for WordPress hosting, then just go for #WPWebHost.” – Recommend WPWebHost services
  • “My mum has left home and moved to cyber cafe since #WPWebHost Twitter Giveaway started. I miss her so much.” – Promote Twitter Giveaway

Examples of NON-RELEVANT tweet (not accepted):

  • “OMG, where is my keyboard? It’s missing! #WPWebHost” – Non-relevant tweet
  • “Yeah, #wpwebhost!” – Meaningless tweet
  • “#WPWebHost #WPWebHost #WPWebHost #WPWebHost #WPWebHost #WPWebHost #WPWebHost …” – Meaningless spam tweet (long version)


Special Update

We’re sorry that our Twitter Giveaway has turned into a spamming phenomenon on Twitter . We never expected that to happen. We apologize if any of our replies and inadequate rules has created the misunderstanding to some tweeters. However, all your hard effort for tweeting #wpwebhost hashtag before is appreciated. Nevertheless from Day 4 onwards, all spam tweets which is lack of relevancy to WPWebHost WILL NOT be accepted as valid entry.



Day 1 – @theandystratton
Day 2 – @dccarlin
Day 3 – @sylistic
Day 4 – @jeorgina
Day 5 – @dlv_
Day 6 – @ericsizemore
Day 7 – @MCJunkie
Day 8 – @sahilkotak
Day 9 – @Mtlgrl4evr
Day 10 – @binoyxj

Note: Winners will be further contacted through Twitter after giveaway ends. Please hold.


Creative Response Reward!


Make your creative tweets, pictures, videos, blog posts etc and help us make publicly known WPWebHost or this giveaway. If your creativity successfully impresses us, you will be rewarded with one (1) year FREE hosting of our WP Freedom Plan.

To join, publish your pictures, videos, blog posts etc on Internet (with link back to this contest post) and submit the links at the Comment Section below. As for tweets, just send them out in Twitter – NO NEED to leave in the Comment Section.

Go ahead and unleash your creativity!


Rules and Notes:

  1. You don’t have to be a customer of WPWebHost to enter.
  2. 10 prizes will be available, 1 per day for 10 days.
  3. The contest starts at 1 AM (GMT-6) 28 Sep 2009, ends at 1 AM (GMT-6) 8 Oct 2009.
  4. Winners will be chosen at the end of each of the 24 hour cycle starting at 1 AM (GMT-6) each day using random picker program. Winners will be announced after the close of each day in this page and from WPWebHost Twitter account.
  5. You can tweet as many times as you like. Tweets during different 24 hours cycles will be entered into the competition for that particular cycle only. So tweet again when one cycle closes and another begins.
  6. The prize is an iPhone Gift Card for $199. You can simply take this card to any Apple Retail Store and redeem for iPhone, or all things Mac and iPod at the Apple Online Store or any Apple Retail Store if you are a U.S resident.
  7. The prize doesn’t include AT&T wireless service contract if you redeem for iPhone.
  8. In the event that you are not a U.S resident and not eligible to use iPhone Gift Card, you can choose to either have $199 cash prize (through PayPal) OR free 2 years WP Buddy Plan (worth $240).
  9. The prizes will be dispatched within 14 days of the competition closing date.
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