Self-Host Your Blog Giveaway: Winners List (7th Updated)

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It’s almost 2 months since we launched this Self-Host Your Blog Giveaway. Thanks to your support, this giveaway has been receiving great response and many of participants have grabbed away free WordPress hosting plans and domain names.

Some of you might wonder if you have won the prize after joined the giveaway. Therefore, I’m writing this post to clear up few possible doubts you might have in your mind.

  1. Am I chosen as the winner?
  2. Answer: First of all, this is not a contest. As long as you join the giveaway and fulfill all the requirements, you are qualified to win a prize. Please refer the giveaway post for the detail of the requirements.

  3. How many winners can win in this giveaway?
  4. Answer: We don’t limit the number of winners.

  5. When will this giveaway end?
  6. Answer: It’s an ongoing giveaway. It will be running until further notice.

  7. Why I’m still yet to receive the prize after published my post and gathered 7 comments?
  8. Answer: We won’t contact you instantly after you gather 7 comments. We will notify the winners in batches through email and each batch will be done within 2 weeks.

  9. Are self comments or duplicated comments from same visitors counted into 7 comments?
  10. Answer: No. Each comment must from unique visitors.

So here are the winners who have won in this giveaway so far. This list will be updated from time to time.

[table id=52 /]

Congratulations once again to those who have won free WordPress hosting and domain name. Welcome aboard to WPWebHost and we are hopeful you have a pleasure blogging experience with your new WordPress hosting. Don’t hesitate to spread your happiness to your friends and tell them to join this giveaway too. =)

Update: This giveaway is closed. We’ll further update if we re-run the giveaway again.

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