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In the process of the competition, there is a frequent question: “How do you define cool?”. First of all, the coolness factor is an abstract one. Sometimes it’s the design. Sometimes it’s the style of blogging. Sometimes it’s just the faintest, slightest thing that make us think the blog is.

So, we have made our decisions. Now it’s your turn. Here are the 20 candidates we’ve chosen:

Jason Cypret - Web   Graphic   Flash  Video   3D   CSS = Designer
Jason Cypret
Because browsing his blog is like having a space odyssey.

WordPress Websites  WordPress Gallery  Blog Designs  Designer Inspiration  We Love WP
We Love WP

The largest WordPress showcase site made by the biggest WordPress fans like us.

Online web design portfolio of Rob Palmer, Creating accessible website design · Branded07
Probably the best looking blog we’ve seen so far.
Twenty Four Carat
Self proclaimed shopaholic, bookworm, designer, computer geek, hot chick with red silky hair. That’s just too much.

When Ericka says “effin col” – it’s effin cool. 😉

lewro’s blog - 3.0 - studying web design and development
lewro’s blog
The big “LEWRO’s CUPPA” with Latte and Cappucino, Starbucks passionate and the apple-zen-like design of the blog. Gotta love it.

The Design Superhero
The Design Superhero

Because Aravind is the equivalent of Superman in web design.

The Hip Hop Democrat

Hip Hop + Politics = Too Cool For School

Josh Mackey  Automotive Photographer  Automotive Photography  Digital Artist  Car Photo  Auto Photo  Seattle Photo
Josh Mackey

Eye popping car photography shooting and occasional high definition wallpaper give away of the hot wheels.

DivitoDesign » Articles, Tutorials and Resources for the Webdesigner

Simplicity at its finest.

Komodomedia » Welcome to the Jungle
Because Rogie is giving it all away and we thought that’s the coolest thing to do.

Fantastic design (take a look at the header) meets the best inspirational design showcase, and Chad is our favorite customer.

WP Engineer
WP Engineer
Because we subscribed their rss feed right away. You should too. - Flash Movies, Comics, Videos, and WordPress Themes.
Warning. FTL is highly addictive.

WPCandy — WordPress Themes, Plugins, Tips, and Tricks
WP Candy

This blog wins hands down as the sweetest WordPress blog, probably the coolest too.

ronin snowboards  codzienna porcja snowboardowej rewelacji
Ronin Snowboards

A picture’s worth a thousand words.

Nias Zalukhu

How do you say “There’s No Charge For Awesomeness” in Malay?

Deziner Folio
Deziner Folio

The Navdeep and Naveen brothers have put together a fantastic design showcase. They even made our banner looks better.

WereWP - Spreading WPlove

Because Jeremy is spreading the same WordPress Love like we do.

Design Shard  Design Blog  Web Design  Inspiration and Resources for Designers
Design Shard

Ok. By now you probably realize that we have a weak point over such design and inspiration blog.

Those who could not make it to the list, please don’t get disappointed. As a matter of fact, your blog might be the coolest – it’s just that we have the odd taste of not putting it within our top 20 list.

Now, let’s vote for the coolest blog powered by WordPress. Voting ends at 1st December 2008.
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