Migrating from Posterous to WordPress

Posterous to WordPress

As I have tried on the current 0.7 version of Posterous importer is not compatible with the latest WordPress 3.2.1 version. Hence, I have to use tools from WordPress.com and use it as a medium of bridge to import and export to Posterous. But you will need to register yourself on WordPress.com  and get a blog if you do not have any.

  1. Once you are in the WordPress.com Dashboard page, select Tools > Import > Posterous
  2. Enter your hostname and the username which in this case is the email that you registered for your Posterous and enter the password.WordPress to Posterous Migration
  3. Click Submit, it will then validate whether it’s correct. If all the data entered are correct,  the importer status will be out and it will show the amount of posts and other information being transfered.

After using WordPress.com as a medium of bridge to export Posterous XML file, follow the export and import steps like how it was shown in WordPress.com to WordPress guidelines and you will be able to migrate all your Posterous posts into your self-hosted WordPress.

For the further steps, please refer the post on how to migrate using WordPress.com to self-hosted WordPress.


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